Sarajevo, Olympic City

From 8th to 19h February 1984, Sarajevo hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics, officially known as the XIV Olympic Winter Games

Sarajevo is a city inhabited for 5000 years.The Illyrian, Roman and Slav tribes have settled this region ever since the first Neolithic settlements in Sarajevo’s Butmir neighbourhood.

The mutual respect between different religions and nations is an important part of everyday life

Situated in the area called Sarajevo Field, the town is surrounded by Olympic mountains – Jahorina, Bjelašnica, Igman, Treskavica and Trebević. River Miljacka flows through the city.

The city was governed by Ottomans, and subsequently by Austro-Hungary, and has always been a place where East meets West

Welcome to ICAT 2015

Organizing and Program Committees of ICAT 2015 conference are very pleased to welcome professionals from academia, research and industry in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia to the XXV-th International Conference on Information, communication and automation technologies. Among the overabundance of the conferences, symposium and workshops that are held all over the world, many of them becoming virtual, our conference is trying to continue its 40 years legacy as a meeting place where the scientists, researchers and professionals all over the world come to present the results of their research work, but also exchange ideas, meet each other and establish connections and acquaintances that often last longer than the extent of the conference. As our contribution to the virtualization trend, we shall also continue the practice started at the previous conference six years ago in 2007, when we held one online session. The history of ICAT conferences is the outstanding example of evolution of the scientific events and its rise, starting 40 years ago in 1973 as Symposium on informatics and related fields under the name: “Informatika Jahorina”, and achieving from very beginning waste international interest and attendance. Starting from 1999 it has changed its name to “International Symposium on Information and communication technologies-ICT 1999″ including the telecommunication area of science and technology, while four years later in 2005 the Symposium was further broadened in its scope to encompass the field of automatic control theory and practice, changing name to ”International Symposium on Information, communication and automation technologies-ICAT 2005″. On the Symposium event held in October 2007, ICAT-2007, we have introduced one online session for remote participants and authors not able to attend the conference in person, being one of the first conferences with virtual attendance. The next event ICAT -2009 has achieved full international recognition of the quality of presented papers acquiring technical sponsorships of IEEE Control systems Society and ACM, and having its papers published in renowned IEEE digital library, the sponsorships that have been continued in the following conferences. Finally, ICAT 2013 has further extended its scope and size changing its previous name of Symposium to full fledged Conference, to fully characterize its size and importance for the region of South East Europe in the three very important and dynamic areas in science and technology: information, communication and automation fields.

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